Cilantro Jalapeno

Chiporro Cilantro Jalapeno Heat Scale - Mild Hot Sauce

This sauce is a marriage made in heaven but offered to you here on Earth. Cilantro, Jalapeno, Onion, Garlic, and Tomatillo come together in a perfect balance for this take on Mexican Salsa Verde.

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Cilantro Jalapeno Hot Sauce

A take on a Venezuelan sauce called “Guasacaca” and Mexican Salsa Verde. Fresh, crisp flavors that won’t let you stop eating until you’ve finished the last bite. You can top off some black beans, add it to your favorite tacos, or simply marinate some chicken with it. It’s also great to mix with avocados. This mild sauce is handmade in Boulder, Colorado – give it a try, we know you will fall in love. Check out our recipe for Cilantro Jalapeno Tofu Mayonnaise!

The color of this sauce can vary slightly based on the ripeness of the ingredients.


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Cilantro, Onion, Jalapeno, Garlic, Tomatillo, Vinegar, non-GMO Canola Oil, Salt, Vitamin C

Customer Reviews

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Tremendous Flavor

Fell in love with Chiporro hot sauces at Snooze A.M in Denver while on business. Dab both Cilantro and Rocoto sauces on your meal and it’s a Combo flavor explosion that will delight! Family agrees! I have it shipped regularly to Texas now.

One of the best ever!

I love this stuff! I have them ship it to me in Utah it's so good!

Best Sauce from Afar

We purchased some of the Cilantro Jalapeno sauce at a Denver farmers market when we were visiting from Ohio and it is our favorite!!!!

Chiporro Sauces are a winner!!

I purchased a set of 5 different Chiporro hot sauces for my daughter because I used her entire bottle of Cilantro Jalapeño sauce when I visited Denver for the holidays. I put it on everything.. breakfast burritos, veggie burgers, are it with hummus and chips.. the stuff is good enough to chug from the bottle. I wish it was available locally in Los Angeles CA. It was delicious and addictive..


Love this sauce. I'll keep ordering until they stop making it!!!!!