We specialize in Hot Sauces that are unique and balanced, inspired by Peruvian flavors and peppers.

A mix of tropical wonders in one bite; sweet yet tangy. Mouthwatering richness which pairs well with pork but can also accentuate the delicacy of View Sauce
A fresh, earthy tone with a smoky Chipotle bite is what you should expect from this Mexican-salsa inspired sauce. $6.00
This sauce is a marriage made in heaven but offered to you here on Earth. Cilantro, Jalapeno, Onion, Garlic, and Tomatillo come together in a View Sauce
A mix of tropical wonders in one bite - sweet yet tangy. Mouth-watering richness which pairs well with pork but can accentuate the delicacy of View Sauce
A thick and flavorful sauce featuring the Rocoto pepper, a Peruvian variety with a distinctive flavor and delayed kick. Undertones of tomatoes and and earthy View Sauce
Wicked hot sauce is a well-balanced hot sauce that has flavor and fire. It has an abundance of accents which lead to an endorphin rush. View Sauce
The Aji Limo, a Peruvian pepper that's survived from pre-Columbian times, is perfectly paired with Trinidad Moruga peppers in this spicy, yet flavorful, hot sauce View Sauce
5oz bottle of Chiporro Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce
No need to hire ghost hunters to track down the source of this heat. Some of our fans, the true "hot heads", wanted us  to View Sauce
A combination of Serrano and Thai chilies gives this fresh take on a Thai Salsa the perfect kick. Tomatillos, Cilantro and Garlic add some hearty View Sauce

Our hot sauces (and more) are Vegan friendly and handmade in Boulder, Colorado

About Us

Born in Lima Peru to diplomatic parents, Chef Carlos Ruiz was privy to travel and fine dining at a very young age. The experiences carried over to his current approach to food preparation and presentation. He developed a flair for Latin American cuisine as he honed his philosophy that food should be simple, flavorful and sexy.


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All Natural

We pride ourselves in not using preservatives or emulsifiers to make our products look better. Our hot sauces are hand-crafted in small batches right here in Boulder, Colorado. The Chiporro philosophy is to enhance the natural flavors of our sauces by understanding the subtleties of each ingredient. Each hot sauce is original, unique, and packed with flavor using quality ingredients and applied technique.


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